Friday, October 25, 2019

0600-0630PM Registration
0630-0645PM Welcome and Introduction- Dr. Wendy Lam
0700-0800PM ITP in 2019- Dr. David Kuter & Dr. Drew Provan/ Dinner

Saturday, October 26, 2019

0700-0755AM Breakfast
0800-0810AM Opening Remarks-Dr. Wendy Lam
Session Chair: Dr. Wendy Lam
0810-0840AM Pathophysiology of ITP – Dr. Drew Provan
0840-0855AM New ASH Guidelines on Management of Pediatric ITP- Dr. Rachael Grace
0855-0910AM New ASH Guidelines on Management of Adult ITP- Dr. Donald Arnold
0910-0940AM Consensus Report on Management of ITP – Dr. David Kuter
0940-1000AM Panel Discussion-Moderator: Dr. Wendy Lam
Panelists: Drs. Provan, Grace, Arnold & Kuter
1000–1020AM Refreshment Break
Session Chair: Dr. Harold Olney
1020-1040AM Long Term Data on TPO Receptor Agonists –Dr. David Kuter
1040-1100AM Rational Use of Rituximab in ITP – Dr. Donald Arnold
1100-1120AM Optimal Use of Immunosuppressives for ITP – Dr. Drew Provan
1120-1140AM Revisiting Splenectomy for ITP – Dr. Cyrus Hsia
1140-1200PM Panel Discussion-Moderator: Dr. Harold Olney
Panelists: Drs. Kuter, Arnold, Provan & Hsia
1200-0100PM Lunch
Session Chair: Dr. Charles Li
0110-0135PM ITP in Pregnancy – Dr. Michelle Sholzberg
0135-0205PM ITP in Pediatric Patient – Dr. Rachael Grace
0205-0220PM Management of Anticoagulation in ITP Patients – Dr. Donald Arnold
0220-0240PM Management of ITP Patient in Emergency Department- Dr. Matthew Kang
0240-0310PM Panel Discussion-Moderator: Dr. Charles Li
Panelists: Drs. Sholzberg, Grace, Arnold & Kang
0310-0330PM Refreshment Break
Session Chair: Dr. Charles Li
330-0335PM Platelet Disorder Support Association (PDSA)- Caroline Kruse
0335-0350PM Role of the Patient in ITP-  Gail Strachan
0350-0420PM Future of ITP Therapy – Dr. David Kuter
Q & A
0420-0430PM Closing Remarks- Dr. Wendy Lam